Topical/Oral Therapies

What are Topical Therapies?

In some instances, a consistent application of topical/oral ointments is needed to address conditions such as psoriasis. As it stands, there is no cure for such a condition. One of the main characteristics of psoriasis is its cosmetic detriment, which undermines confidence and self-esteem for anyone that has it and has to deal with the public. Topical therapies are provided by doctors and entail the use of certain creams, foams, sprays, lotions, ointments, and solutions. The person is expected to apply the prescribed cream or lotion on the surface of the skin or the scalp directly.

People can also get some of the over the counter treatments (OTC) solutions as well, though it is always best to get guidance from your doctor before trying anything. The process can take time until seeing improvement. This also involves experimenting with the topical creams to see which is more effective, as some will work better depending on the skin-type of the individual. which one of the options is best for them, or which one will work for as per their skin type. Prescription topical treatments often include steroids. They help with reducing inflammation and redness.

What are Oral Therapies?

Oral therapies involve the ingestion of medication to help gain relief from conditions such as psoriasis. This is a more recent means of treating conditions such as psoriasis, courtesy of the FDA approving oral drug use to moderate psoriasis in 2014. These medications will often help with reducing inflammation, thus understating the physical appearance of the condition. Often, a combination of both oral and topical therapies will dramatically improve one’s appearance.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

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