What are Excisions?

Excisions are a process that involve removing a certain part of the skin that is infected due to a skin lesion. Skin lesions are treated through excision by cutting them out completely. Lesions manifest as lumps, bumps, moles, cysts or fatty lumps. Most of these are benign, meaning they will not develop into cancers overtime. Excisions are executed in order remove these lesions by their roots with extreme care and accuracy.

What Can I Expect From Excisions?

The operation is performed using a local anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling any pain during the treatment. This will also cause the growth to rise upward, which facilitates for easier removal. Applying a number of horizontal cuts, this will allow for removal of the majority of the growth. With some electrosurgical feathering, the doctor will also be able to remove any cells left over from the removal. It’ll also help minimize any scarring by blending the edges into the surrounding skin. Once the excision is completed, aluminium chloride hexahydrate solution is used on the skin to reduce and stop bleeding.  The treated area is then cleaned up and an antibiotic ointment is used to promote faster healing. Finally, the area is patched up with sterilized bandages and the procedure is complete.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

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