Dry, Itchy Skin

Understanding Dry, Itchy Skin

Dry, itchy skin is a very common skin issue that happens to all people of different ages and skin-type. Dry skin is easy to recognize due to its rough, scaly appearance. Dry skin tends to flake, especially due to itching. Cracks in the skin can be seen and there is bleeding sometimes.

There are certain things which can cause the itching on a skin. It can be caused by eczema, hives or just dry skin. They can cause itching all over the body. This condition can get induced on to the skin when it comes in contact with anything which is more likely to irritate the skin such as laundry detergent or soap, other times it could be body lotion as well. It is possible that a person just feels the itch on some parts of the body and not all of them. The common causes for such irritation on the skin are either bites of an insect, infections or allergies to either plants or the metals which are used in jewelry or costume.

What Causes Dry, Itchy Skin?

Anyone can get dry skin. When skin loses water or oil, it begins to try up. Skin begins to become thinner and drier with age. People as of the age of 40 start to use moisturizer on a daily basis to address this. Living in a dry climate can also cause dry skin. Jobs that involve repeated and frequent contact with water can cause the skin to become dry and crack. If there is a high level of chlorine in a swimming pool, the skin is prone to drying up a lot more. Of course, some skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis have dry skin as a symptom.

How Do We Treat Dry, Itchy Skin?

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