Cryotherapy/Liquid Nitrogen

What is Cryotherapy/Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is used as a tool to remove the dysfunctional or abnormal tissues or cells or unwanted growth on skins, such as warts. The use of liquid nitrogen to achieve this is called cryotherapy or cryosurgery.

How Does Cryotherapy/Liquid Nitrogen Work?

The liquid nitrogen is used at incredibly cold temperatures and sprayed on the targeted surface via a canister or by applying it to the area using a cotton-tipped swab. A blister will form, where the liquid nitrogen makes contact with the skin and on the surrounding skin area within 3 to 6 hours after the liquid nitrogen is applied. The blister will likely bleed a little and then turn purple. Eventually, the blister will become a scab and then it’ll fall off sometime between 2 to 4 weeks. There is usually a burning or stinging sensation in the first few minutes of the treatment. The stinging is felt due to the liquid nitrogen that’s being applied on the skin, which is very tender and delicate for a few days after the treatment is done. The treated area of the skin will possibly swell and turn red. The liquid nitrogen is applied on the top layer of the skin growth. After applying liquid nitrogen, the growth freezes almost instantly. The liquid nitrogen also affects the areas surrounding the growth. A white mark or scarring may result from this procedure. If infection follows after this procedure, it’s important to contact your doctor immediately.

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